Write About Now Poetry

Write About Now Poetry meets every WEDNESDAY at 7:30 PM at Avantgarden

Often referred to as wan or wanpoetry, we host weekly poetry slams and open mics. Open to all for sign ups at 7:30 pm. Spots as available. #packthegarden

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Dr. Sketchy Houston

Houston Dr. Sketchy is art class without the class and all the sass. We bring drawing, booze, beats and fab models together for an afternoon of fun and friends.

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Dr Sketchy Houston - AvantGarden


Lone Star Explosion

Houston’s cultural art scene is set to EXPLODE!! Performance artists from around the world will be in the city March 8-10 for the first Houston International Performance Art Biennale 2012. (HIPAB)


Hosted at Diverse Works March 8, Avant Garden March 9 and notsuoH March 10th, the festival will feature international artists Myk Henry (Ireland), Elena Nestorova (Finland), Gim Gwang Cheol (South Korea), Orion Maxted (London), John Boehme and Natali Leduc (Canada), Marcus Vinicius (Brazil), Rodney Dickson (Northern Ireland), Non Grata (Estonia), Ville-Karel (Estonia) and 1KA (France)




National artists include Nyugen E. Smith (New Jersey), Jamie McMurry (Los Angeles), Jill Pangallo (New York), Patrick Lichty (Chicago) and a diverse collection of local artists including The Art Guys, Jim Pirtle, Nestor Topchy, Julia Wallace, Jonatan Lopez, Rahul Mitra, Emily Sloan, Daniel Adame, Nancy Douthey, and Daniel-Kayne.




For over thirty years, the smoldering fires of creative vision have kept Houston’s alternative culture alive. Today Houston is experiencing a revival that started with the buzz created by Performance Art Lab. This event issomething to watch and is gearing up to blow the lid off the live art scene one more time.


In March, all things collide and Houston with experience a performance explosion like the city had never experienced before!


"Houston, we have a problem"

A weekly Monday night film mixer featuring local productions and their creators. Including shorts, documentaries, trailers, music videos, and more.


Houston Art Venue - AvantGarden


Viva la Vida

Celebrating Fashion Month with a runway by local designers

Art Openings in Houston - AvantGarden

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