Sept. 21, 2012



Date and Time

Fri, Sept. 21, 2012

6:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Whole venue, all night

7:15- Upstairs- Mr. Green Jeans7:30- Downstairs- YSL8:00- Upstairs- Flcon Fcker8:15- Downstairs- We Scare Coyotes8:45- Upstairs- Get Your Dick out of Mom, Dad9:00- Downstairs- Lluvia Dreams9:30- Upstairs- A Room in the Body10:00- Downstairs- Elixir Kid10:30- Upstairs- J. Gutierrez11:00- Downstairs- Cosmic Bug Loaf11:15-Upstairs- Old, Old Jesus11:45- Upstairs- Super Robot Party12:00- Downstairs- The ...

7:15- Upstairs- Mr. Green Jeans
7:30- Downstairs- YSL
8:00- Upstairs- Flcon Fcker
8:15- Downstairs- We Scare Coyotes
8:45- Upstairs- Get Your Dick out of Mom, Dad
9:00- Downstairs- Lluvia Dreams
9:30- Upstairs- A Room in the Body
10:00- Downstairs- Elixir Kid
10:30- Upstairs- J. Gutierrez
11:00- Downstairs- Cosmic Bug Loaf
11:15-Upstairs- Old, Old Jesus
11:45- Upstairs- Super Robot Party
12:00- Downstairs- The Gypsy Davies
12:30- Upstairs- Penny Arcade
12:45- Downstairs- excuseMesir 

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