Dec. 29, 2012


Inaugural Event Part of Idea Fund/Andy Warhol Foundation National Project


Artists Nestor Topchy and Robert M. Rosenberg, performing
as Gastronanza, will host an interactive art performance, Archetapas

Through Archetapas, Gastronanza will explore images, symbols, and characters from ancient prelingual tradition, and create new language by introducing a gustatory element to form.

Gastronanza will invite participants to enter their portable Gelatinearia, a welded steel chapel on wheels.

Once inside, ten unique customized flavored shapes of vegetarian pâté
de fruits gelatin, or Archetapas, will be available to sample. Upon ingesting the Archetapas,
participants will be invited to match flavors to shapes from geometrical designs similar to thosefound in pysanky, the intricately patterned Easter eggs created in Ukraine and other eastern European countries.

Gastronanza intends to marry images, symbols, characters, and colors stemming from
pysanky tradition, in which a story that predates phonetic language is articulated in the decorated egg’s designs and hues.

The event is a multi-sensory associative program that will introduce a gustatory element
to create a total, edible work of art for public consumption and empirical inquiry into the
universal experience of shape, color, and flavor, and to determine its archetypal significance .

According to Mr. Topchy, “What would be truly surprising would be to find that shape
does not evoke subject, that subject does not arouse color, and that color does not suggest flavor.

Seeing that things have always found their expression through a system of reciprocal analogy,
this may be a universal, verifiable truth which transcends specific cultures.”Robert-Rosenberg.jpg

Mr. Rosenberg adds, “We are designing and developing Archetapas as an edible corpus
and welcome the consensus of the general public for their discernment in establishing the colors and flavors most appropriate for each iconic geometrical shape.”

Date and Time

Sat, Dec. 29, 2012

7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


AvantGarden, parking lot

411 Westheimer rd
Houston, Texas 77006
United States

  In addition to a grant from the Idea Fund provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation,

Mr. Topchy and Mr. Rosenberg wish to thank Ted Viens for his invaluable assistance in making


  For additional information please contact Nestor Topchy (832)287-1177, Robert M. Rosenberg (832)816-2955. 


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AvantGarden, parking lot

411 Westheimer rd
Houston, Texas 77006
United States