Avant Garden
411 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77006

Noah Peterson "Solo Sax Sessions" and "Rod Nightingale and The C4 InFluenZ"

 Montana Saxophonist and Songwriter
Portland, Oregon based Noah Peterson is a rare and authentic voice in jazz; clearly 
distinct and accessible to all. Noa
h’s renaissance of straight-ahead jazz focuses on melody and harmonies that set up improvisational interplay and convey the sentiment of the song.

noah-1.jpgNoah's current concerts feature his original music and collaborations from a variety of the bands and projects he has composed for.  Noah's performances feature intimate 
combos or his increasingly popular "Solo Sax Sessions."
  His saxophone is sure swing 
and sing it’s way into your soul.  
His independent spirit is rooted in his Montana 
upbringing and is reflected in his music.   Even cowboys know how to swing.


Rod Nightingale & the C4 Influenz

is a Live relationship of Soul, Funk, Jazz & HipHop. The commitment of “C4”, GOD, FAMILY, LOVE equals LIFE, is a key essential to their Music; “Influenz” is the many artists/musicians heard, studied, performed that crafts the sound. Formed and lead by drummer, Rod Nightingale, The C4 Influenz features a group of individuals who collectively share the same music idealogy, "Play from Your SOUL". the-4c-inf.jpgBridging the gap between Old souls and Good Music, putting their spin on everything from such classics as Stevie Wonder's "Can't Help it" to Gnarls Barkley "CRAZY", and even crafting their own funky originals like "Bad Gas" and the infectious "Pizza Guy", The C4 Influenz shows dedication to giving the audience a Great Musical Experience. Started in January of 2008, The C4 Influenz was featured in DRUM! Magazine’s June ’08 issue, “Sound of the funky drummer in Portland, OR???” reviews the song, “Northwest Spirit”, from their album Live from The Stump. The article describes Nightingale on everything from creating 6/8 ghost-note jazz patterns to dropping crazy, greasy hip-hop grooves, as well as creating a foundational platform for which his bandmates can get out their "jammy doodles". 


Fri, Jan. 27, 2012
9 p.m. - 11:59 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Noah Peterson and Rod Nightingale at AvantGarden 9pm till 12am

$8 donations at the door go to the musicians.